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Combo bus tour to Oranienbaum & Kronshtadt

Combo bus tour to Oranienbaum & Kronshtadt

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We invite you to take part in our one-day combo bus tour to Oranienbaum & Kronshtadt!

In the first part of our excursion we will go to Oranienbaum - residence of the Royal family, included in the list of UNESCO monuments, which is located on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland just in 40 km from St. Petersburg! Oranienbaum is the only suburb which didn't undergo destruction by fascist aggressors during World War II. Damaged, but not destroyed in the years of war, palaces museums and parks of the city of Lomonosov have kept decorative furniture of the 18th century in all the originality. Therefore they are of huge art value as the original architectural monuments and can familiarize us with the history and art of the past.

In Oranienbaum we will visit main interior halls of The Grand Menshikov palace, remarkable construction which was built at the beginning of the 18th century and kept the beauty till these days. The Grand Menshikov palace, is the oldest construction of Oranienbaum. In its courtyard and its surroundings, one can plainly feel the spirit of that time, the epoch of transformation and battling for the entrance to the Baltic sea. It is situated almost at the water level of the gulf, connected with the sea, directed to it, as if embodying the main goal of all the work of Peter I's time - the affirmation of Russia on the coast of the freed sea. During our tour we will also visit the Picture Palace, which was built initially for the purpose of exhibiting a huge collection of paintings which belonged to Peter III and consisted of 300 paintings. It houses the library, curiosities, and even a small Opera venue, which became the local center of the court musical life.

Then you will walk through a magnificent landscape Park of Oranienbaum residence. The Upper Park, to the south-west of the Grand Menshikov Palace is the most beautiful section of the estate, with varied woodland interlaced with canals, bridges and ponds. Laid out in the reign of Catherine the Great by Joseph Bush, the rolling parkland contains the Chinese palace & the Antonio Rinaldi's equally fascinating Sliding Hill, a three-storey, blue-and-white baroque pavilion that was once the starting point for a 500m "rollercoaster" using sledges or wheeled carts.

In the second part of our excursion we will go to Kronshtadt - a small picturesque sea town located on Kotlin island in the Gulf of Finland. Kronshtadt was founded by Peter the Great to protect the approaches to St. Petersburg during the Great Northern War. The place is often called the sea shield of the city. As the strongest naval fortress in the north-west of Russia and the base of the Russian Baltic Fleet, this beautiful city-museum had remained a “closed town” for many years. It was only in 1996 when this place became open to the public.

The tour encompasses such attractions as the famous Kronstadt sea-gauge, which is the zero level of the Baltic system of depths and heights (all depths and altitudes are measured from its level), historical fortifications, dockage facilities, including the eminent drydock of Peter the Great, forts, harbours, cast-iron pavement, a suspension bridge, the inimitable Naval Cathedral of St. Nicolas, spectacular embankments, and many other attractions. You will learn about the history of the construction of the unique St. Petersburg Flood Prevention Facility Complex (the St. Petersburg Dam), and many interesting facts about the legendary Kronshtadt which has played a crucial role in the fate of Russia. The centre of the city and its fortifications have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Why you should choose this tour:

Современные автобусы City Bus-Our modern buses with large panoramic windows will allow you to observe the must-see attractions.

Профессиональный экскурсовод-Our professional licensed guide will give you a lot of interesting information.

Оптимальный маршрут-Our optimal travel route allows you to see the main attractions like the Grand Palace, Picture Palace + park in Oranienbaum & the Naval Cathedral + historical city centre in Kronshtadt.

3 остановки-Great opportunity to take memorable pictures while walking through the picturesque park in Oranienbaum.

5afef874dfaa757466dc9152781fdbdb.jpg Price includes entrance tickets to the Palace & park. «Fast line» entrance! 

Saint-Petersburg - World travel awards winner 2016 UNESCO      

Combo bus tour to Oranienbaum + Kronshtadt is an excellent choice to discover famous tsar residence & and the famous city of naval glory! Buy your tickets online without any fee & a queue. It takes just a few minutes. You don't need to print a ticket, just show it from your mobile device!

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Duration: 9 h. 00 min.
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Place of departure/arrival: Nevskiy pr. 35 (metro station "Nevskiy prospect", at the corner of Dumskaya str. & Nevskiy pr.). You can buy bus tickets on the website, without any queue & fee, or in our sales office: Nevsky prospect 22, 4th floor (*elevator), office 14 (don't buy tickets on the street!). In our office we offer free services: WC, water, city maps & booklets. The office is open daily, working hours. Сash & bank cards are accepted.

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