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Bus tour "The Freemasonry in St Petersburg"

Bus tour "The Freemasonry in St Petersburg"

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We invite you to the Author's combined bus and walking tour dedicated to Russian Freemasonry in St. Petersburg - the city where at least 70 Masonic lodges of the English, Swedish, French and German systems used to operate.

There is no a more Masonic city in Russia, or perhaps in the whole of Europe, than St. Petersburg. And no other place in the world has preserved such a large number of monuments and artifacts as here in the Northern capital. The best European representatives of the brotherhood of "free masons" sought to contribute to the formation of the image of Peter the Great city from the very moment of its foundation. Freemasonry, despite its 300-year history, remains the most closed organization. It is being attributed an incredible influence in the world, fabulous wealth, secret conspiracies, the overthrow of rulers and revolutions.

Our professional guide will show you how to read Masonic codes correctly and tell you about the history of Freemasonry in our city, about the symbols embedded in its architectural project, about the secret signs of Masonic lodges on the most famous temples and palaces of St. Petersburg. For starters, just have a look at the image of the "all-seeing eye" - a symbol of world Freemasonry on the facade of the Kazan Cathedral and on the bas-relief of the Alexandrian column; compasses and a triangle, encircling the Academy of Arts, which at one time was the Lodge of the "Dying Sphinx".

During the tour, you will learn where Masonic lodges originate in Russia and Europe, how Russian Freemasonry influenced Russian culture, which of the influential public figures, famous writers, artists, and musicians were in secret societies, and what relation masons have to the most famous conspiracies and political upheavals. You can also participate in the search for Masonic signs - a favorite game of the 19th century St. Petersburg intelligentsia!

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Why you should choose this tour:

Современные автобусы City Bus-Our modern buses with large panoramic windows will allow you to observe the must-see attractions.

Профессиональный экскурсовод-Our professional guides will help you to discover local culture & feel the atmosphere of Saint-Petersburg.

Оптимальный маршрут-Our optimal travel that will allow you to see the main places of St. Petersburg associated with the Masonic order.

3 остановки-Our bus makes fixed stops in order to observe architectural ensembles and take vivid pictures & video.

Saint-Petersburg - World travel awards winner 2016 UNESCO
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